NADAC Training Group

NADAC Training Group

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The NADAC Training Group is a Facebook based group that will focus on training for NADAC style skills.  There are multiple instructors who post various training content from foundation training to Stakes style distance handling. All members can post questions, and videos for analysis and input from the group instructors.  
Students can enroll for a 6-Month subscription for $300 or choose to do a month-month subscription for $60

~Every month a new Handling Challenge and Training Challenge will be posted.

~Open discussion is available to all members, everyone has the option to ask questions and post videos to the NADAC Training Group

~Live Q&A's will be held each month with a variety of NADAC trainers ~There will be various training articles, exercises, and drills posted from multiple NADAC trainers.

~Exercises for large and small spaces will be posted for download by all members. ~Members will have priority access to NADAC webinars for free. There will be a minimum of two (2) webinars during the 6-month subscription time. (Non-members can access the webinars for a fee)

~Please take note this is a Facebook training group, so you will need a Facebook account in order to participate.

Please click this link to view some samples of exercises and training articles that will be available in the group: